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Maleficent more like MAGNIFICENT

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Small town. Big secret.

A Town Called Eureka - Opening Credits

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My dad is making a documentary about the fight for marriage equality and its origins in Vermont. This is both an important topic in general and a highly personal one for me: Vermont is where I grew up. My dad was involved in local politics and local radio (Night Vale’s right on the money, let me tell you), so he’s known a lot of the people involved in the struggle to legalize gay marriage for 20 years. I worked as a page in the State Capitol and was there when the original Civil Unions bill was passed.

What I’ve seen of the film so far is incredible: touching, funny, warm, personal interviews with the lawyers, the couples, the legislators who were at the forefront of the marriage equality movement — who started something that, when they began it, was not a nationally controversial issue because it seemed, at that time, entirely outside the realm of possibility. But starting at a completely grassroots level, they made it happen. Thinking about it that way, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come, not just within my lifetime but within the span of my memory.

This film has the potential to be both a fascinating look at the origins of a movement and inspiration toward getting us the rest of the way. They’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to try to raise money to complete post production and get distribution:

The State of Marriage

If you can donate, that would be amazing! If you can spread the word by reblogging or tweeting @StateOfMarriage that would be awesome too. All the cool kids are doing it! And by cool kids I mean Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming:



Thanks for checking this out, any donation or signal boost is so appreciated! My ask box is open if you have any questions.

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Isabella Rossellini, “Death Becomes Her”, 1991.

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As in any major city, living in NYC means you’re surrounded by a lot of wealth. And I was just thinking about whether I really wish that I was super wealthy too. Then I realized that I also wished I was one of those people who actually didn’t care, or thought I was cooler than those people sitting in their bougie clubs or fancy apartments with their designer clothes. It’s a weird limbo to be in.

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public service announcement: just because ole girl got in a 22 inch malaysian sew in doesn’t mean she loves herself any less than baby girl with the afro puffs

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Los seres humanos no nacen para siempre el día en que sus madres los alumbran, sino que la vida los obliga a parirse a sí mismos una y otra vez.

- Gabriel García Márquez (March 6, 1927-April 17th, 2014)

[human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves]

one of my favorites, you will be missed

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We can be heroes, just for one day.

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"I have to learn how to say no a lot. Life is too short for anything else."

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Work by Lawrence Agyei

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Congratulations to Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy they are celebrating yet another year of extraordinary success.For the fifth year in a row, all 240 seniors at the all-African-American-male high school have earned acceptance letters into a four-year college or university!!!!!

On Tuesday, the Class of 2014 celebrated their  momentous occasion during a traditional ceremony where they exchanged their red uniform ties for a red-and-gold striped tie - a tradition done in observance of their achievement. 

“The tie represents to me moving on from a boy to becoming a young man and actually doing something with my life,” graduating senior Dumar Harris told NBC Chicago. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel attended the ceremony Tuesday to give the students a few encouraging words. Dwayne Wade has also donated $10,000 through his foundation, Wade’s World.

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literally the entirety of cats in a single picture

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You judge a woman
by the length of her skirt,
by the way she walks,
talks, looks, and acts;
by the color of her skin you judge
and will call her “bitch!”
“Black bitch!”
if she doesn’t answer your:
“Hey baby, whatcha gonna say
to a man.”
You judge a woman
by the job she holds,
by the number of children she’s had,
by the number of digits on her check;
by the many men she may have lain with
and wonder what jive murphy
you’ll run on her this time.
You tell a woman
every poetic love line
you can think of,
then like the desperate needle
of a strung out junkie
you plunge into her veins,
travel wild through her blood,
confuse her mind, make her hate
and be cold to the men to come,
destroying the thread of calm
she held.
You judge a woman
by what she can do for you alone
but there’s no need
for slaves to have slaves.
You judge a woman
by impressions you think you’ve made.
Ask and she gives,
take without asking,
beat on her and she’ll obey,
throw her name up and down the streets
like some loose whistle —
knowing her neighbors will talk.
Her friends will chew her name.
Her family’s blood will run loose
like a broken creek.
And when you’re gone,
a woman is left
healing her wounds alone.
But we so called men,
we so called brothers
wonder why it’s so hard
to love our women
when we’re about loving them
the way america
loves us. —essex hemphill (via ethiopienne)

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